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Dart Zone Pro

MK-4 Limited Edition Blue Dart Blaster


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Blasts at
Blasts up to
Has a
Feet per second
Dart capacity
Blasts at 200 feet per second
Blasts up to 125 feet
Has a 15 dart capacity
Stand tall on the blaster field with the all-new Pro-Series MK-4 Limited Edition Blue, a pro-level foam dart blaster built for action and flexibility.


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  • Suggested Age


  • Performance

    FPS: 200

    Blasts up to: 125 Feet

  • Dart Capacity


  • Product Type


  • Color

    Blue, Grey, Orange

  • Brand

    Dart Zone Pro

  • Description

    Stand tall on the blaster field with a pro-level foam dart blaster built for action. The Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-4 Limited Edition Blue is a Vault Member exclusive blaster and once it’s sold out it won’t be restocked again. The newest entry to the MK lineup features an extended silhouette and all-new, attention-grabbing innovations. Use the blaster’s superior modularity to achieve a customized blaster game for any play style. Attach the scar barrel or Supercharge Muzzle to the front of the blaster for pumped-up power. On the back end, the MK-4 includes two separate springs for two blasting speeds – 120 FPS for community games or up to 200 FPS for the certified pros. For matchless precision, use the MK-4’s included flip-up sights. Flip them up for perfect aim in the heat of battle, then flip them down for easy storage and transport. All-new foam dart cartridges have a flex-loading mechanism, allowing players to unload and reload while the blaster is primed and a translucent shell, so you always know how many rounds you have left. The Pro-Series MK-4 Limited Edition Blue comes with Bamboo 2X Darts – the best of the best in performance and supreme accuracy. This half-length dart blaster features a spring coated in yellow for visibility and safety. Peek through the clear window on the back of the stock to easily see when the blaster is primed. Use the storage compartment in the back of the stock to keep additional parts within reach when not in use. The Dart Zone Pro-Series MK-4 is made to customize. Choose between multiple configurations for a build-out that can take your game from local meet-ups to pro-level competitions, from the #1 name in darts. Ships in a box with red MK-4 renders printed. Recommended for players ages 14 and up. Available exclusively at

    U.S. and Canada orders ship in August 2023.

    Only available within the U.S. and Canada. 

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